Arrival City

Arrival City: A guided reading and global discussion. This January, join readers around the world for an online reading of Canadian journalist Doug Saunders’ Arrival City, a progressive and optimistic narrative about our urban future that maps a world of “arrival cities”, the destination for new migrants. Most humans on the planet now live in cities and […]


Join us in Toronto for a LIVE PREVIEW of the next edition of the City Builder Book Club! Arrival Cities: Global Framework + Local Discourse Tuesday, December 09 – 6-8pm Bloor-Gladstone Library, (1101 Bloor Street West, Toronto) Free – RSVP Canadian journalist and Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World author DOUG SAUNDERS will lay the […]


If you’re in Toronto, make a beeline over to the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema to watch “Slums: Cities of Tomorrow” by Quebecois director Jean-Nicolas Orhon. It is a wonderfully crafted, humbling, and humanizing take on bidonvilles around the world — from Istanbul and Mumbai to New Jersey and Quebec. It’s a beautiful complement to Arrival […]

Photojournalist Noah Addis has a beautiful set of photos of informal settlements as part of his project Future Cities over at LensCulture. He has travelled all over the world for his job and along the way he has snapped photos of areas of informal development in every corner of the globe. In addition to Future […]

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Back to Brazil! CityLab reports that Google and Microsoft have been mapping favelas and people seem pretty pleased about it. Victors write history, right? So literally being put on the map is a form of validation of, well, existence. This is overall a positive step from the technological giants after Google honoured the mayor of […]

Exciting news from Toronto! Thorncliffe Park, the arrival city in our home city, has welcomed a brand new addition to the neighbourhood: North America’s first public tandoor oven. It’s no secret that food is, above all else, what brings people together, especially in a diaspora. It’s one thing to be able to go to one […]

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In a country famously known for its nomadic lifestyle to this day, it’s hard to imagine what its big city would look like in the 21st century. In Mongolia, Ulaanbataar is getting a modern makeover as it matures in its post-Soviet days and glistening towers shoot up, accommodating the settled urbanites and foreigners temporarily settled […]


The Vancouver Sun recently wrote about people who are anchored at one end of the spectrum in the world of global migration and housing: affluent transnational migrants. These are people who ricochet around the world, briefly establishing themselves in several places in order to propel themselves upwards on the ladder of educational and financial success. […]

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Thorncliffe Park, nestled in the central valley that defines Toronto’s residential core, is a lot like other arrival cities Doug Saunders visits around the globe: it’s filled with highrises, populated with immigrant populations from all over the world, and it houses one of the highest levels of poverty in the city. But it’s also notably […]

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Over by the Bosphorous, tides of change have ushered in a new chapter of history, a new style of architecture, and a new identity of the great metropolis of Istanbul. Taksim Square is the most recent wave of fighting for the character of Istanbul — you might remember the protests in defense of parks, trees, […]

Photo by Ronald Nagy.

Manila is a coastal city bursting at the seams of Manila Bay, extremely dense and still growing; with 13 million inhabitants and a grave housing crisis, upwards of 43% live in informal settlements. In such a small space, only 38.5 sq km or a quarter of the size of Washington, DC, land is at a […]


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