Arrival City

Arrival City: A guided reading and global discussion. This Fall, join readers around the world for an online reading of Canadian journalist Doug Saunders’ Arrival City, a progressive and optimistic narrative about our urban future that maps a world of “arrival cities”, the destination for new migrants. Most humans on the planet now live in cities and […]

Photo by Ronald Nagy.

Manila is a coastal city bursting at the seams of Manila Bay, extremely dense and still growing; with 13 million inhabitants and a grave housing crisis, upwards of 43% live in informal settlements. In such a small space, only 38.5 sq km or a quarter of the size of Washington, DC, land is at a […]

Photo by Iwan Baan.

Venezuela has gotten a rocky start in the 21st century. The polarized politics, oil-fueled economy, and faded charisma of the government has left Caracas and the rest of the country drifting, idling until it finds a way out of its depression. There are some glistening and glamorous parts of Caracas, rippling from its heyday as […]

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The FIFA World Cup has been underway for several weeks now and the quarterfinals are just about to come to a close. Since Brazil was awarded with hosting the 2014 World Cup back in 2007 the country has been hard at work trying to accommodate the billions of dollars that are being spent on a […]

A snapshot of a money transfer agency in Haiti. Photo by Georgia Poppelwell.

A global world with people on the move means money is on the move, too. Some people strike out on their own in a new place to jump at opportunity but millions of people follow migratory paths that have been carved out by economic and social shifts in recent history. In Arrival City we visit […]

Migrant workers on a construction site in Shanghai. (Photo from Aly Song/Reuters).

China’s population has topped 1.35 billion and its cities are bursting at the seams. Internal migration brings throngs of people to densely packed suburbs and work places, but the Chinese hukou (household registration) system restricts the rights people have once they leave their home district and threatens their welfare. Arrival City spends a lot of […]


In some cities like Toronto, it is easy to visualize what migration looks like by just going for a stroll down any of the streets and seeing the diversity of people from all over. Other places have more nuanced takes on how people mix together, the result of geopolitics, economic opportunities, and a whole slew […]

Doug Saunders visits over 20 places in his exploration of migrant neighbourhoods all over the world and captures the personalities of the people and cities he encounters, with no detail spared. While Doug jets from place to place in the book that you’re holding, it’s hard not to wonder what those places are really like. […]

First things first, CBBC: in order to be in a book club, you’ll need to buy the book. Fortunately for our readers out there around the world the 21st century makes picking up a copy of Arrival City as easy as a trip to the library. If you’re in Toronto, head over to Swipe Design […]

Hello out there, and welcome to the City Builders Book Club, a project of the Centre for City Ecology and the Maytree Foundation. Based in Toronto, we are excited to bring together a global discussion of Doug Saunders’ “Arrival City” and investigate the worlds are around us. Check out the website for the book and […]


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