Still looking for a copy of ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’?

You have two more weeks to pick up your copy before we start reading together, and since this book has been printed many times over the last 50 years, you have more options than usual!

50th Anniversary Edition of 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities'

Perhaps you are one of those book-lovers who can’t resist the feeling of a crisp new hard-cover. Fresh pages, an unblemished cover, the perfect spine… there is much to love about a brand new book.

In this case, if you are in Toronto we recommend that you make your way down to Swipe Design: Books + Objects to pick up a copy of the newest edition. They have generously offered to give you 20% off on your new copy of The Death and Life of Great American Cities if you mention the City Builder Book Club!

Swipe is a lovely little store in the heart of 401 Richmond filled with everything a design nerd could possible want — items from gorgeous children’s toys to beautifully hand-crafted dishes, and books covering design topics of every kind. They also happen to be right next door to the office shared by the Centre for City Ecology and Creative Urban Projects — we try very hard not to spend all of our money there, but it is awfully tempting!

You may also be one of those people who prefer old, dog-eared books:

'jacobs-streets' by Flickr user eversion
'jacobs-streets' by Flickr user eversion

Perhaps you can’t get enough of the smell of old books, or typefaces which have since become less common. Maybe you enjoy reading along with a previous reader’s notes, underlining and folded corners. If so, you can find a copy in most used bookstores, and you can always find a copy at the Toronto Public Library.

We will be reading together chapter by chapter, rather than page by page, so you will be able to follow along whichever version you choose!

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