You Can Now Cruise Favelas on Google Street View

Back to Brazil! CityLab reports that Google and Microsoft have been mapping favelas and people seem pretty pleased about it.

Photo by Kevin Jones
Photo by Kevin Jones

Victors write history, right? So literally being put on the map is a form of validation of, well, existence. This is overall a positive step from the technological giants after Google honoured the mayor of Rio de Janeiro’s request to take favelas off the map back in 2009.

Including the favelas in the maps not only legitimizes the communities on a global stage, but as one local person says, “It’s good for business. Rocinha is a big place.” She means business from within the favela — there are several million people who are now getting the same free service that Google provides the world over.

On the topic of Street View, have you tried the any of the free Street View games? Check ’em out.

GeoGuessr // Earth-Picker // Locatestreet

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