Noah Addis: A Snapshot of Future Cities

Photojournalist Noah Addis has a beautiful set of photos of informal settlements as part of his project Future Cities over at LensCulture. He has travelled all over the world for his job and along the way he has snapped photos of areas of informal development in every corner of the globe. In addition to Future Cities, there are also several sets on Manila and Brazil that are equally as captivating.

Check out his interview on his experience of visiting these neighbourhoods for more insightful commentary:

“These communities are often portrayed in the media as being full of crime and full of problems. And there are problems in squatter settlements, to be sure. Simple things that many of us take for granted—sanitation, electricity, clean water—prove to be a daily struggle. But beyond the problems, I have been more surprised at how normal life is in these places. The vast majority of these residents come to the city looking for a better life. Many have jobs and work very hard to support their families. Housing is a basic human need and it is simply this that they are struggling to attain.”

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