Interactive Activity: City Photowalk

Interactive activities invite Book Club members to engage more deeply with Arrival City and contribute their own experiences and stories to the Club’s reading.

With our City Soundwalk and City Photowalk activities, readers have the opportunity to submit their own sound recordings and photosets exploring “arrival” in their own city. Soundwalk and Photowalk submissions will be posted in galleries here on the City Builder Book Club blog.

City Photowalk: February 26

Share the sights of your city. Create a photowalk that tells a visual story about your neighbourhood or city and the people that live there. Through photos and brief descriptions tied to map locations, give us a peek into your neighbourhood.

Go for a walk and capture the sights along the way. Move through a neighbourhood and take photos of the little nuances that make it unique. Take snapshots of the people and the places that tell a story about your city. We want to see its delightful, troubling, funny, and fleeting moments, captured on camera and tied to place.

Submitted Photowalks will be posted on the City Builder Book Club blog (with attribution) on February 26, 2015.

See a sample Photowalk here.

Wondering where to begin? Check out the Centre for City Ecology’s Toronto sample Photowalk.

Read the Photowalk Activity Guide here.

For detailed information on the Photowalk and a step-by-step guide on how to record, edit, and submit your Photowalk, click here.

Questions? Get in touch with us at

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