Yen Trinh sketches along with Arrival City


By bringing together readers from across the globe, the City Builder Book Club seeks to foster an engaging dialogue between city builders and migration practitioners where new ideas and insights can emerge.

Yen Trinh’s Arrival City sketches are a beautiful example of the kind of new thinking, activity, and expression that can emerge when inspired by reading.

For this edition of the City Builder Book Club, Yen has sketched her takeaways from each of Arrival City‘s 10 chapters. Each sketch is posted on her blog with a key quote, some accompanying notes, and her reflections on the chapter. You can see all of Yen’s City Builder Book Club sketches here. (Yen also sketched along with the City Builder Book Club’s reading of Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities in 2012.)

Yen is a Brisbane-based designer and city lover who has worked on many projects related to public space, community building, and collaborative design in Toronto, New York, and Brisbane. Find out more about Yen’s work here or connect with her on Twitter at @yengen.



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