Picks from the Toronto Public Library: Chapter 3

The Toronto Reference Library at 789 Yonge St. now houses the collection of the Urban Affairs Library (formerly located at Metro Hall), a specialized collection devoted to all aspects of urban planning and local government. Each week, TPL librarians Cynthia Fisher and Bessie Nellopoulos will select titles of books that can be found at the Library that complement the themes discussed in each chapter of Arrival City.

Arrival City: Chapter 3 – Arriving at the top of the pyramid

Chapter 3 places us in America, often longed for by those wanting to emigrate from other countries. Examples of “arrival cities” on both coasts introduce us to the complexities of life experienced by new immigrants to the United States.

sacrificingSacrificing families : navigating laws, labor, and love across borders.

Abrego, Leisy J., 1975-  . 2014.

El Salvador–Emigration and immigration–Social aspects.
United States–Emigration and immigration–Social aspects.




salvadorean Salvadoran imaginaries : mediated identities and cultures of consumption.

 Rivas, Cecilia M., 1978-  . 2014, 216 p.

El Salvador–Emigration and immigration.
United States–Emigration and immigration.



https://i2.wp.com/www.ucpress.edu/img/covers/isbn13/9780520275607.jpgBlack and Brown in Los Angeles : Beyond Conflict and Coalition.

 Kun, Josh, ; Pulido, Laura.  2013, 406 pages.

Los Angeles (Calif.)–Ethnic relations.
Los Angeles (Calif.)–Race relations.
Los Angeles (Calif.)–Social conditions.



latinoLatino Los Angeles : transformations, communities, and activism.

Ochoa, Enrique. ; Ochoa, Gilda L., 1965-  . 2005, 330 p.

Hispanic Americans–California–Los Angeles–Economic conditions.
Hispanic Americans–California–Los Angeles–Politics and government.
Hispanic Americans–California–Los Angeles–Social conditions.
Immigrants–California–Los Angeles–Social conditions.
Latin America–Emigration and immigration.
Los Angeles (Calif.)–Economic conditions.
Los Angeles (Calif.)–Emigration and immigration.
Los Angeles (Calif.)–Ethnic relations.


latinometLatino metropolis.

Valle, Victor M. , Torres, Rodolfo D., 1949- . 2000, 249 p.

Los Angeles (Calif.)–Economic conditions.
Los Angeles (Calif.)–Politics and government.
Los Angeles (Calif.)–Race relations.



https://www.russellsage.org/sites/all/files/Bobo.jpgPrismatic metropolis : inequality in Los Angeles.

Bobo, Lawrence.  2000, 611 p.

Los Angeles County (Calif.)–Economic conditions.
Los Angeles County (Calif.)–Race relations.Los Angeles County (Calif.)–Social conditions.




suenosSueños Americanos : barrio youth negotiating social and cultural identities.

Cammarota, Julio.  2011, 199 p.

California–Race relations.





suburbSuburbanization in global society, 1st ed.

Clapson, Mark. ; Hutchison, Ray.  2010, 366 p.

Sociology, Urban.




Nation’s cities weekly
Print Magazines, Newspapers & Journals.(Last print edition : April, 2012)

Municipal government–Periodicals
Municipal government–United States–Periodicals.
The immigrant experience in the GTA.

by GTA Forum (2nd : 1998 : Toronto, Ont.)
Contributors: Isin, Engin F. (Engin Fahri), 1959- ; Lam, Stephen. ; Murdie, Robert A., 1939- ; Siemiatycki, Myer, 1949- ; Wallace, Marcia.

Demographic surveys–Ontario–Toronto Region.
Immigrants–Ontario–Toronto Region.
Toronto Region (Ont.)–Emigration and immigration.
Toronto Region (Ont.)–Population–Statistics.


21Twenty-first-century gateways : immigrant incorporation in suburban America.

Brettell, Caroline. ; Hardwick, Susan Wiley. ; Singer, Audrey. 2008, 331 p.

Immigrants–United States.
Metropolitan areas–United States.
Social integration–United States.
Suburbs–United States.
United States–Emigration and immigration–Social aspects


planningPlanning sustainable cities : global report on human settlements 2009.

2009, 306 p.

City planning–Environmental aspects.
Sustainable development.
Urban ecology (Sociology)

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