All About the Bias, So Subtle

Over on the Cities of Migration blog, Manjula Luthria, Senior Economist with the World Bank and program leader for the International Mobility Program of the MENA region’s Human Development network discusses bias against migrants as a significant barrier to poverty reduction and shared prosperity.


” …economists and demographers tell us that we need to prepare for more—not less—mobility than currently exists. In discussing why we should care about these challenges in his book Arrival City, Doug Saunders highlights the upcoming “mass movement that will change our world in the twenty-first century.”  The World Bank’s Maitreyi Das, in Inclusion Matters, describes migration as “one of the most potent forces of social churning” today. Indeed, migration is here to stay.”


Read Manjula’s full article here.

The World Bank in Washington will be hosting an event titled Opening Doors and Minds: Urban Migrant Integration in Policy and Practice, a conversation between Maitreyi Das and Arrival City author Doug Saunders moderated by Omar Arias. The event was originally scheduled for February 18th but has been delayed due to inclement weather. Check here for more information about the event.

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