Picks from the Toronto Public Library: Chapter 8

The Toronto Reference Library at 789 Yonge St. now houses the collection of the Urban Affairs Library (formerly located at Metro Hall), a specialized collection devoted to all aspects of urban planning and local government. Each week, TPL librarians Cynthia Fisher and Bessie Nellopoulos will select titles of books that can be found at the Library that complement the themes discussed in each chapter of Arrival City.

Arrival City : Chapter 8 – The new city confronts the old world

This chapter demonstrates that government planning and policy are essential to the successful integration of immigrants and succeeding generations. It contrasts the lack of planning in a French banlieue and the lack of integrative policies in Germany with the case of Spain, where different levels of government have taken proactive measures to integrate new immigrants into the country’s economic and social fabric.

International perspectives: Integration and inclusion.

Biles, John, 1971- ; Frideres, James S., 1943- . 2012, 312 pages.

Emigration and immigration–Government policy.
Emigration and immigration–Social aspects.
Immigrants–Social conditions.
Social integration.


ImmigrantIntegrationImmigrant integration in federal countries.

Joppke, Christian. ; Seidle, F. Leslie. 2012. 241 pages.

Assimilation (Sociology)–Government policy–Case studies.
Emigration and immigration–Government policy–Case studies.
Federal government–Case studies.




Frenchness and the African diaspora: Identity and uprising in contemporary France.

Bloom, Peter J.; Gondola, Ch. Didier, 1966- ; Tshimanga, Charles. 2009, 336 pages.

African diaspora–France.
Africans–France–Cultural assimilation.
Africans–France–Ethnic identity.
Africans–France–Social conditions.
France–Civilization–African influences.
France–Race relations.
National characteristics, French.
Popular culture–France.


BlackFranceBlack France: Colonialism, immigration, and transnationalism.

Thomas, Dominic Richard David. 2007, 305 pages.

Blacks–France–Social conditions.
Blacks–Race identity–France.
France–Ethnic relations.


AfricaAndFranceAfrica and France: Postcolonial cultures, migration, and racism.

Thomas, Dominic Richard David. 2013, 205 pages.

Africa–Emigration and immigration–France.
Africans–Cultural assimilation–France.
France–Emigration and immigration–Africa.
France–Race relations.
National characteristics, French.

Immigrant labour and government policy: The cases of the Federal Republic of Germany and France.

Edye, Dave, 1953- . 1987, 157 pages.

Foreign workers–Government policy–France.
Foreign workers–Government policy–Germany (West).


Cosmopolitan anxieties: Turkish challenges to citizenship and belonging in Germany.

Mandel, Ruth Ellen, 1955- . 2008, 413 pages.

Germany–Ethnic relations.

TheGuestWorkerThe guest worker in postwar Germany.

Chin, Rita C-K, 1970- . 2007, 281 pages.

Cultural pluralism–Germany.
Foreign workers–Germany–History.
Germany–Social conditions.
Immigrants–Germany–Social conditions.
Ören, Aras, 1939-


UrbanOutcastsUrban outcasts: A comparative sociology of advanced marginality.

Wacquant, Loïc J. D. 2008, 341 pages.

Marginality, Social–France.
Marginality, Social–United States.
Sociology, Urban–France.
Sociology, Urban–United States.





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