Interactive Activity: Notes from our ‘Tower Renewal in the Arrival City’ Webinar

Image via ERA Architects' Tower Renewal blog
Image via ERA Architects’ Tower Renewal blog

Last week, we hosted our second webinar, presented by Cities of Migration and the Centre for City Ecology as a special interactive element of the City Builder Book Club. Titled “Tower Renewal in the Arrival City“, the webinar demonstrated how investments in social and physical infrastructure in tower neighbourhoods are unlocking the potential of Toronto’s arrival city neighbourhoods as thriving, connected, supportive communities.

Read the webinar recap.

Watch the webinar video.

The webinar was centred on a presentation by Graeme Stewart, a Toronto-based architect and planner and a key initiator of the Tower Renewal Project. Tower Renewal is a research and action project that aims to understand and harness the potential of Toronto’s modern high-rise concrete residential buildings, many of which were built on the city’s periphery during a post-war building boom, by implementing actions that improve the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of these structures.

The session was moderated by Gerben Helleman, a Rotterdam-based urban geographer and blogger behind Urban Springtime. Gerben asked questions about the transferability of the Tower Renewal Project’s strategies, community participation in the planning process, and the fears of gentrification that often accompany physical neighbourhood improvements, and was able to draw upon his personal experiences and understanding of the European context, where tower neighbourhoods on the urban periphery are also ubiquitous, making for a truly global discussion.

The full webinar video is available here, and you can read an excellent and thorough recap of the webinar written by our moderator, Gerben, over on his blog, Urban Springtime. And look out next week for Gerben’s response to Arrival City Chapter 10, the final contributor post in this edition of the City Builder Book Club.

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