Picks from the Toronto Public Library: Chapter 9

The Toronto Reference Library at 789 Yonge St. now houses the collection of the Urban Affairs Library (formerly located at Metro Hall), a specialized collection devoted to all aspects of urban planning and local government. Each week, TPL librarians Cynthia Fisher and Bessie Nellopoulos will select titles of books that can be found at the Library that complement the themes discussed in each chapter of Arrival City.

Arrival City : Chapter 9 – Arrival’s end: Mud floor to middle class

This week’s extended reading suggestions, like Chapter 9, focus on Brazil and the transition from marginality to the middle class.

MovingOutOfPovertyMoving our of poverty.

Kapoor, Soumya.; Narayan-Parker, Deepa.; Petesch, Patti L.; Pritchess, Lant. 2007, v. 1-2.

Developing countries–Economic conditions.
Migrant labor–Developing countries.
Poverty–Developing countries.
Social mobility–Economic aspects–Developing countries.



Brazil: The troubled rise of a global power.

Reid, Michael. 2014, 334 pages.

Brazil–Economic conditions–21st century.
Brazil–Politics and government–21st century.
Brazil–Social conditions–21st century.
Brazil–Social life and customs–21st century.
Social change–Brazil–History–21st century.


BrazilOnTheRiseBrazil on the rise: The story of a country transformed.

Rohter, Larry, 1950-. 2010, 289 pages.

Brazil–Economic conditions–1985-
Brazil–Politics and government–2003-
Brazil–Social conditions–1985-
Brazil–Social life and customs–21st century.
Social change–Brazil–History–21st century.

Brazil is the new America: how Brazil offers upward mobility in a collapsing world.

Davidson, James Dale. 2012, 331 pages.

Brazil–Economic conditions–21st century.
Brazil–Social conditions–21st century.
Economic development–Brazil.
Economic development–United States.
Economic forecasting–Brazil.
Economic forecasting–United States.
United States-Economic conditions–21st century.
United States–Social conditions–21st century.

TheEconomicandSocialHistoryThe economic and social history of Brazil since 1889.

Luna, Francisco Vidal, author. Contributors: Klein, Herbert S. 2014, 439 pages.

Brazil–Economic conditions–1918-
Brazil–Economic policy.
Brazil–Politics and government–1889-
Brazil–Social conditions–1889-
Brazil–Social policy.


InsideTheFavelasInside the favelas: Rio de Janeiro.

Mayhew, Douglas, Canallero, Roberto J. 2012, 308 pages.

Documentary photography.
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)–Social conditions–21st century–Pictorial works.
Squatter settlements–Brazil–Rio de Janeiro–Pictorial works.


DanceLestWeAllFallDownDance lest we all fall down: Breaking cycles of poverty in Brazil and beyond.

Willson, Margaret, 1953-. 2010, 305 pages.

Poor girls–Brazil–Salvador.
Salvador (Brazil)–Economic conditions.
Salvador (Brazil)–Social conditions.
Young women–Brazil–Salvador.


RaceInContemporaryBrazilRace in contemporary Brazil: From indifference to inequality.

Contributors: Reichmann, Rebecca Lynn. 1999, 290 pages.

Blacks–Brazil–Social conditions.
Brazil–Race relations.
Women, Black–Brazil–Social conditions.


CollectiveActionAndRadicalismCollective action and radicalism in Brazil: Women, urban housing and rural movements.

Duquette, Michel, 1947-. 2005, 217 pages.

Brazil–Politics and government–2003-
Brazil–Social conditions–1985-
Social movements–Brazil–History–20th century.
Women–Political activity–Brazil.

HoldingTheirGroundHolding their ground: Secure land tenure for the urban poor in developing countries.

Durand-Lasserve, Alain.; Royston, Lauren, 1967-. 2002, 264 pages.

Land tenure–Developing countries.
Urban poor–Developing countries.



IDPRInternational development planning review: IDPR.

Year/Format: 2002-, Print Magazines, Newspapers & Journals.
Also available as an e-journal.

City planning–Developing countries–Periodicals.
Regional planning–Developing countries–Periodicals.


WorldBankEconomicReviewThe World Bank economic review.

Year/Format: 1986-, e-journal.

Developing countries–Economic conditions–Periodicals.
Developing countries–Economic policy–Periodicals.
Economic development–Periodicals.


The economic journal: The quarterly journal of the Royal Economic Society.

Year/Format: 1891-, Print Magazines, Newspapers & Journals.
Also available as an e-journal.


HabitatInternationalHabitat international.

Year/Format: 1977-, Print Magazines, Newspapers & Journals.

Human ecology–Periodicals.
Land use–Periodicals.


InternationalJournalofUrbanInternational journal of urban and regional research.

Year/Format: 1977-, Print Magazines, Newspapers & Journals.

City planning–Periodicals.
Regional planning–Periodicals.



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