Picks from the Toronto Public Library: Chapter 10

The Toronto Reference Library at 789 Yonge St. now houses the collection of the Urban Affairs Library (formerly located at Metro Hall), a specialized collection devoted to all aspects of urban planning and local government. Each week, TPL librarians Cynthia Fisher and Bessie Nellopoulos will select titles of books that can be found at the Library that complement the themes discussed in each chapter of Arrival City.

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Arrival City : Chapter 10 – Arriving in style

Doug Saunders has taken us on quite a journey. “Arriving in Style” shows us that human beings seem drawn to and are better able to live in high density situations, whether in neighbourhoods found in western cities like Amsterdam and Toronto, or a slum in Bangladesh. Government planning and investment in infrastructure, amenities and the like, are essential to the functioning of Arrival Cities as places of successful socio-economic integration and mobility.

This is our final list! For those of you “from away”, our library is an enormous building with miles and miles (kilometres) of stacks. We librarians rarely have the chance to pull off the books, flip through the chapters, and look at the pictures. Bessie and I were fortunate to have a rich selection of material to choose from. Choices for inclusion at times were tough. We hope that you have enjoyed this sampling and we have whetted your appetite to explore further.

So … a great big THANK YOU to the City Builder Book Club for giving us the opportunity to focus on a very special subject area and showcase the Toronto Reference Library’s collections. And if you drop by the Toronto Reference Library, please stop by the Humanities and Social Sciences Desk on the second floor and say hello.

CitiesAreGoodForUSCities are good for us: The case for high densities, friendly streets, local shops and public transport.

Sherlock, Harley. 1990, 99 pages.

Cities and towns–Great Britain.
City planning–Environmental aspects–Great Britain.

CityRediscoveringTheCenterCity: Rediscovering the center.

Whyte, William Hollingsworth. 1988, 386 pages.

Cities and towns.
City and town life.
City planning.
Sociology, Urban.

DesigningHighDensityDesigning high-density cities for social and environmental sustainability.

Ng, Edward. 2010, 342 pages.

City planning–Environmental aspects.
Sustainable urban development.
Urban ecology (Sociology)

CityInSightCity in sight: Dutch dealings with urban change.

Duyvendak, Jan Willem. ; Hendriks, Frank, 1966- ; Niekerk, Mies van. 2010, 312 pages.

Cities and towns–Netherlands.
City planning–Netherlands.

UnbuildingCitiesUnbuilding cities: Obduracy in urban socio-technical change.

Hommels, Anique. 2006, 281 pages.

City planning–Netherlands.
Urban renewal–Netherlands.

NewYorkAndAmsterdamNew York and Amsterdam: Immigration and the new urban landscape.

Foner, Nancy, 1945- . 2014, 328 pages.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)–Emigration and immigration.
Cultural pluralism–Netherlands–Amsterdam.
Cultural pluralism–New York (State)–New York.
Immigrants–New York (State)–New York.
New York (N.Y.)–Emigration and immigration.

BangladeshBangladesh: The path to middle income status from an urban perspective.

Muzzini, Elisa, 1975- . Contributors: Aparicio, Gabriela. 2013, 131 pages.

Bangladesh–Economic conditions.
Economic development–Bangladesh.
Urban policy–Bangladesh.

DiscordantDevelopmentDiscordant development: Global capitalism and the struggle for connection in Bangladesh.

Gardner, Katy, 1964- . 2012, 274 pages.

Bangladesh–Economic conditions.
Bangladesh–Politics and government.
Capitalism–Social aspects.
Economic development–Bangladesh.

Untitled-5Immigrant settlement policy in Canadian municipalities.

Tolley, Erin. ; Young, Robert, 1950- . 2011, 331 pages.

Canada–Emigration and immigration–Government policy.
Immigrants–Government policy–Canada.
Immigrants–Services for–Canada.
Municipal government–Canada.
Urban policy–Canada.

RespondingToImmigrantsSettlementResponding to immigrants’ settlement needs: The Canadian experience.

Vineberg, Robert (Robert Andrew), 1951- . 2012, 91 pages.

Canada–Emigration and immigration–Government policy–History.
Canada–Emigration and immigration–Government policy.

EngenderingMigrantHealthEngendering migrant health: Canadian perspectives.

Spitzer, Denise L. 2011, 320 pages.

Immigrants–Canada–Social conditions.
Immigrants–Health and hygiene–Canada.
Refugees–Canada–Social conditions.
Women immigrants–Health and hygiene–Canada.
Women refugees–Health and hygiene–Canada.

YouthMigrationAndTransitionsYouth migration and transitions to adulthood in developing countries.

Juárez, Fátima. 2013, 216 pages.

Emigration and immigration.
Migration, Internal–Developing countries.
School-to-work transition–Developing countries.
Young adults–Developing countries–Economic conditions.
Young adults–Developing countries–Social conditions.
Youth development–Developing countries.

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