Guidelines for Contributing Comments

Our goal is to foster a thoughtful, engaging and generative discussion on cities through the City Builder Book Club. In preparation for this project, we have created some guidelines for the comments on this site.

If you see a conversation on our site that is becoming disrespectful or unwelcoming, please contact us at

Guidelines for Contributing Comments to the City Builder Book Club

This book club seeks to cultivate an open and thoughtful conversation leading to a deeper understanding of cities and their citizens, using the books we read to steer our discussion. It is open to ideas from anywhere and anyone, so long as they are presented respectfully.

We invite our commenters to engage with us in a discussion about our passion for and curiosity about cities. We trust all Book Club members to be respectful of one another and each member’s ideas.

When we are willing to consider new ideas from unexpected sources, we are able to find new allies and colleagues. When we treat others with honour and respect, we enable them to approach us as friends. In this way, we become able to develop a rich, shared understanding of our cities.