Reading Schedule

Beginning January 2015, the City Builder Book Club will lead a guided reading and global discussion of Doug Saunders’ Arrival City.

One chapter of the book will be read and discussed each week. Each Tuesday, beginning January 20, 2015, a blog entry will be posted, centred on themes discussed in that week’s chapter. Every other Thursday, beginning January 29, an interactive element relating to the most recent chapters will be posted, inviting reader participation.

Book Club members are encouraged to read the book along with the schedule and follow along on the blog to experience the book’s ideas through many perspectives. Discussion is encouraged through comments on the weekly blog posts as well as the bi-weekly interactive elements.

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Arrival City: Winter 2015 Reading Schedule

January 13
Contributor: MARY ROWE, New York City, USA

Chapter 1: On the Edge of the City
January 20
Contributor: LIZA FIOR, London, UK
Liu Gong Li, China
Tower Hamlets, London UK

Chapter 2: Outside In: The Lives of the New City
January 27
Contributor: NITHYA RAMAN, Chennai, India

Kolhewadi, Ratnagiri, India
Kamrangirchar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Shenzen, China
Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya
Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

> INTERACTIVE ELEMENT: Webinar on Parks and Farms: Urban Migration and Community Development in Tower Hamlets and Thorncliffe Park
January 29
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Chapter 3: Arriving at the Top of the Pyramid
February 03
Contributor: JAMES ROJAS, Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, California
Herndon, Virginia and Wheaton, Maryland

Chapter 4: The Urbanization of the Village
February 10
Contributor: TANZEEL MERCHANT, Toronto, Canada

Tatary, Poland
Shuilin, Sichuan, China
Dorli, Maharashtra, India
Biswanath, Sylhet, Bangladesh

February 12
Read the activity guide here.

Chapter 5: The First Great Migration: How the West Arrived
February 17
Contributor: KEN STEWART, Chicago, USA

Toronto and Chicago

Chapter 6: The Death and Life of a Great Arrival City
February 24
Contributor: CLAIRE NELISCHER, Toronto, Canada

February 26
View the activity guide here.

Chapter 7: When the Margins Explode
March 03
Contributor: PARAMITA NATH, Toronto & Mumbai
Emamzadeh ‘Iza, tehran
Petare, Caracas
Mulund, Mumbai

Chapter 8: The New City Confronts the Old World
March 10
Contributors: ESRA KÜCÜK & ROBIN LAUMANN, Berlin, Germany
Les Pyramides, Evry, France
Kreuzberg, Berlin
Parla, Spain

> INTERACTIVE ELEMENT: Webinar: Tower Renewal in the Arrival City
March 13
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Chapter 9: Arrival’s End: Mud Floor to Middle Class
March 17
Contributor: BEATRIZ VICINO, São Paulo, Brazil
Jardim Angela, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chapter 10: Arriving in Style
March 24
Contributor: GERBEN HELLEMAN, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Slotervaart, Amsterdam
Karail, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Thorncliffe Park, Toronto